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Current version (14.0) doesn't work!
Please update your version of Claymore Miner to latest available version!

Finally Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v14.0 (Windows/Linux) has been released

I don't like flashing bios so I finally solved this problem.

Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v14.0 is ready!

It cannot perform runtime tuning of memory timing registers, it will be added a bit later, in another update.

But it can apply entire straps on-the-fly (Windows only). Currently for Polaris cards only, may be later I will add support for other cards too. So you can use stock vbios and don't flash your cards to try new straps.

Instead, you just put new strap string to config file and the miner applies it immediately in runtime.

If specified strap is not working it will not cause any problems, after reboot you will have stock strap again because bios is not changed.

This way you can keep stock bios and also test new straps safe and easy.

-driver installs or uninstalls the driver which is required to apply memory timings (straps) and closes miner after it. This option is available for Windows only and requires admin rights to execute.

Use -driver install to install the driver, -driver uninstall to uninstall the driver. Since the driver is not signed, miner enables "Test mode" in Windows, you need to reboot to apply it.

This option is necessary only if you want to install or uninstall the driver separately, miner anyway will install the driver automatically if -strap option is used.

-strap applies specified memory timings (strap). This option is available for Windows only and requires AMD drivers 18.x or newer (most tests were performed on 19.4.3).

Currently only AMD Polaris cards are supported, support for other cards will be added later.

In general, you use -strap 1 value and then try to overclock memory to see the highest stable clock and hashrate. Then you can try -strap 2 and do the same. After these tests just select the best strap index and clock. At the same clock -strap 4 will show better hashrate than -strap 1 but it will not support very high memory clocks, so final hashrate after oveclocking can be lower than -strap 1 with very high memory clock.

Miner has built-in straps database, all straps are separated by memory (4GB or 8GB) and memory type (Samsung, Elpida, Hynix, Micron).

Straps are sorted by intensity, i.e. -strap 1 supports higher memory clock than -strap 2, etc. For the best hashrate you must also set high memory clock, so -strap 1 is a good start point for tests.

You can specify just strap index, for example -strap 1 will apply first strap from database for all Polaris GPUs based on GPU memory size and memory type, miner will show full strap name detected.

Or you can specify strap directly in format "POL8S1": "POL" means Polaris, "8" means 8GB, "S" means Samsung memory, "1" means index.

Zero index means default strap from VBIOS, i.e. no strap is applied.

You can also use "@" character after strap to specify memory clock, it works like -mclock but overrides it, for example, -strap POL4E2@1900.

You can also specify values for every card, for example -strap 1@2100,POL4H3,0.

If strap is applied, miner will return old strap and memory clock when miner is closed.

The best approach to find best strap is to set -strap 1,0 (it sets strap #1 for first card and no straps for the rest of GPUs) and then raise memory clock to see what clocks and hashrate you can reach.

Then so the same for strap #2 etc.

You can also specify raw strap string (96 characters). Note that single option value means that this strap is applied for all GPUs, use "0" to apply strap on single GPU,

for example -strap 0,1@2200,0 applies strap #1 and memory clock 2200MHz for second GPU only.

NOTE: if specified strap fails, Windows is crashed. After reboot default timings are restored and you can try some different settings.

Latest version is v14.0 MD5: 549B215DDF355A633E2A7FD4B81E3CB2 *Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v14.0 - (Download for Linux)
Password: claymore (mirror)

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